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Why Amityville II: The Possession is Still So Uncomfortable to Watch

Amityville II has a giallo pedigree by proxy from Italian director, Damiano Damiani. Things were also supposedly rocky between Ronnie and his father, and their relationship was constantly in a state of varying volatility. Viral Pornstar Videos recommended movies, hunters 8 videos 21 images, tHE black room 11 videos 45 images, aGE OF innocence 1 video 3 images. Amityville II die, but they were put through a ringer of Satanically amped up family dysfunction first.

Amityville I, i beat, halloween III on the release date by about a month, back in 1982, but Druid sacrifice was way lighter fare than this. When this happens, you suddenly realize that this family has careened past the point of no return, and theyre not going to make. Amityville II one of the most unforgettable horror films Ive ever seen. The evil spirits cause Sonny to tear the family apart and he is forced to murder his parents and siblings.

The oldest son, Sonny, falls victim to demonic possession. Some of the family drama in the film did happen to the Defeos, but are exaggerated.