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Other valid concerns include the financial aspect, as treatments can be quite expensive, especially laser therapy. It made me feel so much better to know that even if this issue is more pronounced in women who have pcos, it is not an unfeminine problem but rather one that the majority of us have to deal with. Read our privacy policy and full disclosure here. Birth control pills raise estrogen levels and discourage androgen production.

Basil And Onion Treatment, when you combine basil and onion, it can have a potent hair removal effect. Anything that is used to balance hormones is helpful as an excess of dark facial hair is usually directly connected to your bodys production of testosterone. Some women choose to bleach hair to lessen its appearance without dealing with difficult, expensive or painful removal techniques.

Ive tried most everything through the years waxes, creams, electrology, tweezers, tiny razors, herbs, and the most recent, a concoction of honey and lemon juice. Electrolysis involves shocking the hair follicles with electricity through a small needle, resulting in permanent hair loss. Maca is widely known as a superfood that helps balance hormones.