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Otherwise we teach them poorly by our example. In closing, a strong-willed child makes an exceptional servant when they have learned to submit their lives to God. .

We hadn't gone two hundred yards when Mrs. She did so and soon was lying over his lap with the bottom of her skirt pulled up to her shoulders. If we use it, it should be used for all the children, even Marco or Anna, if needed. "I'm sorry, Whit, didn't mean to get you a spankin Will told his sister.

All that was missing for him was the popcorn. I'm going to give you 20 handspanks and 10 with the paddlebrush." He then made his promise true. It was very rare that he was permitted to watch as his father's hand came crashing down on that target leaving a bright red hand print. . "I think you should go outdoors for a few minutes, dear, I'll call when it's all right to come back.