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Why Do, i Get Headaches, after, masturbation?

Flag this Response, i have a degree in biochemistry and I can honestly say that explanation of how ejaculation causes damage to the human body is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Females can do an equivilent clenching.

If you decide to take the 3 week challenge but cant handle. 2 Treatment Edit A physician may recommend engaging in sexual activity less strenuously. I am scared that I will not be able to make love to my wife - I have got over the bit where i thought I hd a brain tumour but what do I do if this happens again? This is also why some folks expereince no pois after regular sex because a lot of folks mostly hold breath and tighten during masterbation but not normally regular sex.

If it is an orgasm headache I can tell you how to deal with. They don't leak and there is no reason to worry unless you have a very rare aneurysm in the brain which you would now about anyway, and if you didn't, well the headache would be deadly and you. One kind of clenching is to sort of strain towards a harder erection with the muscles around the base of the penis. Look up the information on medical websites or go to your doctor.