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Christian, domestic Discipline for Beginners, Part Three - Matt Forney

Im going to paraphrase what I argued there, here, because it applies to this issue so directly. "I almost always give my children the opportunity to earn back a privilege easily and quickly if they acknowledge their error says another mom of three. Choose a restriction that's easy to enforce like taking toys away or sending your child to bed early so you follow through. Instead, think about ways to solve a discipline problem with your child.

This sort of thing isnt love. Apologies need to be modeled for a child to learn to express genuine remorse.

They now can charge men with domestic violence. Children who are spanked may also grow up thinking that violence is an acceptable way to relate to others when they don't do as you want them. Not only does this maximize the effectiveness of marital discipline, frankly, we ladies find it pretty hot. Parents who lash out verbally often can't see the injury they're causing but only care about only the obedience they're getting and the anger they're expressing.