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Regime Strategic Intent Central Intelligence Agency

On or about, R-400 aerial bombs located at the Tamuz Airbase were readied for use. Unscr 986, llowed Iraq to export 1,000,000,000 of petroleum and petroleum products every 90 days, placed the funds in an escrow account, and allowed Iraq to purchase food, medicines, and humanitarian supplies with the proceeds. According to Vice President Ramadan, Saddam eventually permitted unmovic greater latitude than he had initially intended.

Asked why he did not resign in protest, he denied he thought he would be killed, but said. Asked by a US interviewer in 2004, why he had not used WMD against the Coalition during Desert Storm, Saddam replied, Do you think we are mad?

Saddam accordingly decided to use diplomacy as his primary tool against Iran, but he never wielded it successfully. Debriefers noted the use of passive interrogation resistance techniques collectively by a large number of detainees to avoid their involvement or knowledge of sensitive issues; place blame or knowledge with individuals who were not in a position to contradict the detainees. Qusay in 1998 began to marginalize certain senior Regime officials who had been appointed by Saddam and installed his own trusted aides in key positions, including within the SSO, according to a former senior official.