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5 foods for healthy, sexy skin - EatingWell

Vitamin Cs skin-smoothing effects may be due to its ability to mop up harmful free radicals produced from ultraviolet rays and also its role in collagen synthesis. Heres the good news: you may be able to solve some of your skin issues with food.

Researchers followed the eating habits of more than 1,100 Australian adults for approximately five years and found that for those who ate a little more than 5 ounces of omega-3-rich fishsuch as salmon, sardines and tunaeach week the development. Eggs Glycine, lycine and proline are great anti-wrinkle amino acids which are particularly found in eggs.

Studies have shown long-term use of Astaxanthin leads to increased skin elasticity and less wrinkles. The skin is about 70 water, so it makes sense that we should keep our daily water intake high to maintain healthy skin.