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He was also, in 1988, a man with a bad heart, which had led to six hospitalizations over the previous decade, and quadruple bypass surgery the summer before his nomination. Cheney relieves Republicans of the newer generation from having to fight old fights, said Ed Gillespie, a former Bush White House official and Republican National chairman. When al-Qaeda terrorists crashed hijacked passenger jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Secret Service grabbed Cheney by the belt, hustled him down to the White House bunker and the die was cast.

Halliburton, after Bush lost in 1994 to Bill Clinton, Cheney explored running for president himself. Bush, George., Presidential Papers, Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas.

Its like being reborn. It didnt bother him about being unpopular, said. Rocky starts, richard Bruce Cheney was born in Lincoln, Neb., on Jan. He just cant let.