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This edition was published in 1988 after extensive rework of the withdrawn 1986 first edition by a different team of authors. GNU/Linux provides a vfat filesystem driver to work with FAT volumes with vfat long filenames. FAT is the standard file system for digital cameras per the, dCF specification.

IBM PC DOS.0 announcement letter. On x86-based computers, the Master Boot Record use the Partition Boot Sector on the system partition to load the operating system kernel files. Microsoft's GUI and command-line format utilities offer it as an alternative to ntfs (and, for smaller partitions, to FAT16B and FAT32 ).

"FAT-32X may operate differently than FAT-32 on large hard drives". 21 86-DOS.00 became available in early 1981. "An Inside Look at MS-DOS". One entry is always used as a Volume Label.