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Acne and Inflammation: How to Reduce Redness and

It becomes dry and I get small sores. This could be the result of an allergic reaction due to condom/latex/lubes, or you may have developed eczema or jock itch due to perspiration or tight underwear.

You can also ask the pharmacist to recommend a generic alternative to some of the name brand products. If sunburn is the cause of your inflammation, you can make a paste using the gel from an aloe vera plant. Eucalyptus is also known as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic, making it great for easing muscle and joint pains.

2 Learn about environmental factors. Be sure to mention if you have been exposed to a new environment, new foods or new products, such as soaps or lotions. It may reduce T cell proliferation. Geranium oil promotes blood circulation, which speeds healing.