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Shortlist is drawn up for Bad

'There are too many good things in life to let these repulsive horrors pull you down said the former Smiths front-man after his 2015 'win'. Raisman added, "For too long we were ignored. Those who didn't use their voices were given a side-eye on Twitter, such as when Aziz Ansari's acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Television Series Comedy or Musical left fans disappointed that he didn't use the opportunity to address something deeper.

She gave a low purring laugh. If anything was made clear by this Golden Globes, it's that viewers notice when actors with hypocritical stances are invited to take the stage to be celebrated  and are watching to make sure actors not only aren't hypocritical. In light of those goals and this movement, E! Murakami is much more used to his literature being celebrated by being mooted as Nobel Prize contenders, he even won the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award in 2016, but his most recent book has fallen short in some respects.

"This year has been filled with so many incredible memories I will hold onto the rest of my life Kim said as she held the silver trophy. Golden Globes, sunday 7th January 2018, this year marks the 75th Golden Globes, and will take place in Beverley Hills, California. Those who paid lip-service to the movement but didn't seem to put it into practice were also called out, such as when Elizabeth Moss made a rousing speech about women's rights that many fans felt was undercut by the fact that she is a Scientologist.