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A Reward for the music faithful

The most famous product of Sony – namely Walkman – was launched in 1979. Initially, it is regarded as a ” cassette player have headphone mobility ”. Walkman has created roving entertainment concept. But, when the product is launched, Walkman encountered fierce reaction by retailers. They think there is no place for the series cassette without recording function. Not as they think, after two years on the market, Sony has sold 1.5 million Walkman.

Today, Sony’s catalog with over 5,000 products including DVD players, cameras, PCs, TV, stereo equipment, semiconductor devices and they are set into the category with famous brand as the Walkman personal music player, Trinitron TV, Vaio computers, Wega widescreen TV, Handycam camcorders, Cybershot digital camera and the PlayStation game.

Four years ago, on 5th September 2009, Sony has officially introduced Walkman X series – the flagship series with unique design style and bring many of the most impressive of Sony’s Walkman series so far. Contemporaries, the Sony Walkman X was given birth to cope with the task Apple iPod Touch product line – PMP (Portable Media Player) is storming on the market at that time.

With owning a completely new design have not been seen, the Walkman X quickly get a lot of attention from the tech community. Design for chassis is made entirely from aluminum alloy and is coated with a special grained rock with very high durability. With quality glass materials in both the two sides of the machine used for, needless to say, you will recognize immediately the familiar design on the Xperia Z Ultra launched in early 2013. Trust me, just hold it up on hand once you will immediately feel a sense of reliability, but not least unique and luxury and

Like I said, the Walkman X converge almost advanced technology of Sony. So it does what? Perhaps just after 10s for Google tools you can easily search basic specifications of Walkman X such as 3″ screen, S-Master, non-OS, supported WiFi, even have the Browser and can watch Youtube – albeit in “present” with 16GB or 32GB storage capacity. Regardless, These features was appeared on a PMP was born in 2009. It can be considered as state-of-the -art technology product.

At that time, the OLED is a concept that rarely mentioned. It is too expensive and unfamiliar with mobile devices. But Sony is the pioneer of bringing these technology into Walkman X, at 2009, Walkman X became one of the first OLED  display equipped devices with capacitive touchscreen on the world market.

In addition, Walkman X also lead by many much features for the best like X is the first Walkman model used the touch screen; X is the model marking the first appearance of S-Master; especially, X is Walkman model with touchscreen has the longest battery life in Walkman history and much more ever.

With the fast development of science today, as technology is changing day by day, the old model will gradually go cooled off and give way for newer and more modern models. During its lifetime, the Walkman X stays on the scarcely shelves of Sony Center more than one year before being classified as discontinued product and be replaced by the Walkman A, Z or F series.

But Walkman X has always had attracted vitality for Walkman lovers and have high demands on sound quality. Even, until this time when I wrote this article, X series is still pretty much hunting and become a rare item for someone lucky to be owner. Walkman X represents a golden age of technological power and relentless creativity of Sony, is one of the most prized of the Sony Walkman, which each fanboy should try to hold it once.

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Telecom world

Nowadays, whenever it was necessary to find information about a product, service or a potential partner, the first common measures are thought to be Internet and search tools as well. Along with the development of society, the demand for data and data transmissions increased exponentially. The telecommunications sector regarded as the industry that put everyone’s knowledge to every person and vice versa. In parallel with the development, it is considered as the fastest growing industry and have the world’s largest number of employees.

It is said that the telecom sector has changed the face of the Earth, help realization interoperability of each person, each nation and link each other by one invisible telecommunications network across the Earth and the universe.

The telecommunication industry is constantly evolving to satisfy the convergence (or unity) of the type of data communication services like telephone, television (broadcast TV and TV on demand), broadband services. So, the information technology sector has a big step forward, types of services are more diversity and more cheaply. You can make calls via the Internet, view pictures of friends around the world, sharing data sources or transactions at great distances.

According to information recently published by Forbes Magazine, which published a list of Global 2000, a collection of the biggest companies, the most powerful of planet based on sales, profits, assets, and values market. The telecommunication carriers continue to be a formidable force in the list because the world is a better connection.

By setting up partnerships with Apple, China Mobile has quickly become the world’s largest telecommunications companies in the number of subscribers by the end of May, 2015. In the first five months of 2015, the number of subscribers reached more than 584 million people and revenue reaching 104.1 billion.

Just as China Mobile, Verizon also chose a powerful and influential strategic partners as LG to expand the market and boost sales. The company’s revenue at the same time as China Mobile was $127.1 billion

When it comes to telecommunications, have to mention the AT & T Inc, which has significantly contributed to the US economy. In 2012, AT & T is the seventh largest company of contribution to USA’s GDP and is one of the USA’s largest non-oil company (following Apple Inc, Walmart, General Electric and Bank of America). According to the Fobes’s ranking in 2015, the company’s revenue was $132.4 billion.

In the telecommunication environment of rapid development in the last time, the position of the telecommunications company change is not surprising. The issue of concern is the improvement of service quality, provide useful services beyond calling and messaging.

Marketing tips for a sustainable development of Apple

There are many reasons that make the famous of iPhone – 1 handset has made a breakthrough in the mobile market. It’s a PR strategy, impressive advertising, stable delivery system, a well-known brand. Not only aimed at the high-tech experience, iPhone brings a completely new experience for consumers from the upgrade of the product respectively. Why can Apple do that?

Simple message

Apple always keep and implement advices of marketing experts for keeping the marketing message is simple. The simple message is message easy to understand, to remember and easy to share. However, simple does not mean lacking in-depth denotation of the message. It will stir up desire to understand the essence of the message over the use of customer products.

Creating credibility and be one step ahead

About six years ago, after dominate the MP3 market. Apple can start confidence with their success. But that’s not what this company did. They continued innovation, research and marketing of new products by Apple does not want to follow names like as SanDisk, Microsoft, Creative, Samsung, or any other brand.

So, one of the best ways to achieve your marketing efforts for you are always at the forefront of product lines by dominating the large market. And there is no choice other than making you have to stand out. Recognizing this, Apple has again conquered the consuming world by iPhone.

A reputable CEO

Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., Apple has positioned the mobile music market with the iPod, stir the mobile phone industry with the iPhone and making music retail market booming with iTunes. He also changed the business methods of PCs with breakthrough of MAC and OS operating system X. The sophistication and usability of Apple products with smart marketing strategies have created the craze of Apple products around the world, so, lead the business results of the company are very successful in recent years.

A catchy name

Look at the name of Apple products: iPod, iPhone, iMac, etc. It’s not always perfect name, but all of them are easy to remember. And you try to compare these names with the names of the machine parts. It’s difference. It is a point that we should learn from Apple. Put yourself in the position of the customer to see if they have any difficulty in remembering or accessing the website address as well as the general forum of their business, so that make a solid step and build brand for business.

The latest launch marked the next step on the way to conquering the technology of Apple is two different versions of iPhone with 4.7-inch size and 5.5 inch and Apple Watch. For the first time since the post-Steve Jobs, the phrase “One more thing” was used again in Apple events. With the launch of Apple Watch, the smartphone products has added a formidable new enemy.

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Corner of the technology: “Selfie.”

­Corner of the technology: “Selfie.”

Taking photos is one of the most seductive form of creativity. Currently, the world is crazy “Selfie” in everywhere. It crept into every corner of technologies, available in anywhere possible. “Selfie” became a cultural phenomenon around the globe. We are in an era of “selfie” and the “selfie” sticks proved that. The needs of young people about taking selfie pictures increasingly leading to the creation of many technological devices to take a selfie. Look over the “selfie” technologies always parallel with you to take beautiful shoot.

  1. Photoshop

Don’t worry about your looks, “witches fellow” will help you to become more beautiful. Obviously, Photoshop is used very widely nowadays, that most mainstream users are through this product at least once.

Photoshop is a dedicated graphics software of the Adobe Systems developer, first appeared in 1988 on Macintosh computers. Currently, Photoshop is assessed as the market leading tool to retouch photos and become the standard for image editing involved industries.

  1. Panasonic Lumix FX77

Do not need to Photoshop, Panasonic Lumix FX77 camera can automatically correct images instead.

In addition to adorn the skin, erase deep black rim around the eyes, teeth whitening, Lumix FX77 also handle wrinkles, adjust the size of the eye so that your face becomes more intelligent and brighter.

  1. Samsung ST500

As the camera with unique dual-screen, Samsung ST550 is invested for 12.2 MP sensor, Schneider Kreuznach lens with 27 mm wide angle, the LCD screen arranged at the front and back, so you can run your creativity through unusual photo. Equipment was installed plug-touch interface with gravity sensor, smile detection mode, and Intelligent Face Detection.

Samsung ST550 give different perspective for viewers with prevalent “selfie” technologies at present.

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  1. “Selfie” sticks

Now, smartphone users are familiar with the image of take a selfie sticks, also known by other names as “take a selfie photography stick” or selfie stick. The selfie stick been honorably listed among the best 25 inventions of 2014 by Time magazine poll.

If you ignore the diversity of the brand, selfie sticks have only three types with different applications technologies and usage.

For metal sticks are typically extendable, with a handle on one end and an adjustable clamp on the other end to hold a phone in place. Some have remote or Bluetooth controls, letting the user decide when to take the picture, and models designed for cameras have a mirror behind the viewscreen so that the shot can be lined up. For selfie sticks with using Bluetooth connectivity, each stick will need electrical energy from a battery that came with the product (unlike as types that 3.5mm connection used). Selfie sticks that using Bluetooth connection can take the photo by clicking the button on its shaft when the power supply from the battery is done and paired with smartphones.

In contrast to a monopod for stabilising a camera on the ground, a selfie stick’s arm is thickest and strongest at the opposite end from the camera in order to provide better grip and balance when held aloft. Safety concerns and the inconvenience the product causes to others has resulted in their being banned at many venues.

So, needless to say, users pay more attention to technologies and all the accessories included increasingly. To generalize can easily notice, instead of wallowing in the work people have tended to seek more experiences in life. That could be fun, excitement, freedom to express themselves as well.

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