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Should you buy PC with Windows 8.1 or wait for Windows 10?

Free of charge for upgrade

Microsoft released: the company will provide policies to upgrade to Windows 10 free for everyone to use the computer Windows 7 / 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 in the first year the operating system was released, as long as it meets hardware requirements for facilities subject. The company did not mention to members of the Windows Phone not upgraded, but it is make sure that users of Windows RT will not be updated to Windows 10, it’s not to mention the free update.

But it should be noted is if you want to update to Windows 10 through Windows Update service, users will have to upgrade to Windows 7 SP1, or Windows 8.1 Update before (both are free). So, users will not need to download and install the new operating system.

Choose Home or Pro?

If you buy a Windows PC 8.1 now, you can totally free update to Windows 10 without any problems. However, you should make sure that you have correct version of Windows 8.1 to upgrade to version of Windows 10 that you wanted.

It can be said that Microsoft Update operated based on Windows which is currently running. If you have a 32-bit version of Windows 8, it will be upgraded to 32-bit Windows 10, not to 64-bit version. Likewise, Microsoft Update will not switch from Windows 8.1 Home to Windows 10 Pro. If you want to use Windows 10 Pro, you should buy a computer with Windows 8.1 Pro preinstalled, or paying for a policy of upgrading from Windows 8.1 Home to 8.1 Pro, or buy a copy of Windows 10 Pro.

Common computer will have Windows 8.1 Home preinstalled while Windows 8.1 Pro is the preferred option for the computer of business. The Pro version has more features what users generally do not need to, it’s Hyper-V virtualization, BitLocker drive encryption, support for Active Directory, the ability to establish a remote server and more, so, if no need for these things, you do not need to spend money for it.

Cost of upgrading

It is sure that Microsoft will provide some special offers for users who have no eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 free. For example, this companies used to provide policies to upgrade to Windows 8 from XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 for only $39.99. Also, in the UK, you can download the upgrade version of Windows 8 with price of £24.99 or £49.99 for the DVD. If you are one of customers who buy this product, you are eligible to purchase a copy of Windows 10 free.

Although Microsoft has not announced the special offers of this year, but maybe the price of $39.99 and £39.99 was still attractive option for who want to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 10 fast under the way better, more stable, more flexible and secure.

So should you buy PC with Windows 8.1?

Windows 10 is designed to supply “security for business class”, and if you desire facial recognition or iris, you can wait until the market appears more devices that support Windows Hello.

PC with Windows 10 may also include a sensor to discover that you are using it under as a laptop or tablet to change interface accordingly for users. However, the feature is called Microsoft Continuum looks more useful when working on Windows Phone.

Many other hardware developers are developing products to work with Windows 10 like  USB 3.1 Type (only available on the Apple MacBook 12-inch), Direct X12 graphics and 6 the generation from Intel – namely Core i, codenamed Skylake. Therefore, if you need them, using products temporarily available should be done and wait until completely to own laptop with Windows 10.

Rescue the computer from viruses

As we know, the virus is one of the leading threats to computer users. They can attack your computer in many different ways such as email, USB, etc. While many viruses and malware are designed simply to cause trouble on your computer, many other virus types used by the criminals can steal personal information or your bank account. Thus, protecting the computer by the antivirus software is essential. But if your computer is infected, can you really trust these software will solve the problem for you?

With the development of information technology, software companies are constantly launching new products, especially related to computer security software. The selection of an anti-virus software for your computer, so that, also needs to be considered carefully to ensure quality and reasonable prices.

Norton Antivirus is one of the popular anti-virus software in this time. It works based on a powerful scanning system that constantly update the latest virus and application of protection mode in real time. This software was created and developed by Symantec, so it promises to be a perfect solution for any computer by providing leading protection regime to combat all kinds of infection that still consumes very little hardware resources. As one of the anti-virus software first appeared, Norton has been hundreds of millions of people around the world trusted and Norton has maintained their position with computer user as constantly growing and technological innovation. Currently, Norton Antivirus software for 2014 is number one widely used at United State.

By using SONAR technology that users can monitor threats continuously within 24 hour in 7 days to identify suspicious behavior and eliminate that threat quickly. Besides, Norton can conduct a scan of the files that you downloaded and remove online threats found. Moreover, it also help to clean computer thoroughly by using a layer removal powerful threat, so users will quickly identify and destroy infected cases be the most difficult to remove that other antivirus products miss.

Additional, with excellent protection mode, Norton has gained the trust of many consumers.

  • Excellent performance thereby providing web browsing capabilities and rapid file scanning.

  • The ability to detect intelligent and active mode silently in the background will help you prevent threats, so you’ll never feel annoying with the restart request or the pop-up

  • Scan and run the updates only if you don’t use the computer, so, users do not need to restart the computer after the update is complete.

For Norton Antivirus, shopping, web surfing  and accessing social networks without worry:

  • It’s easy to access to bad Web sites, but with Norton Antivirus, the fraudulent sites that is set up to trick you into revealing passwords or credit card numbers, will be stopped.

  • For the Facebook links are very attractive, you will not need to worry if a feed of Facebook may contain fraudulent links, and dangerous files downloaded possible. Norton AntiVirus will help you do solve this.

  • Protect your identity by securely store and automatically enter the username and your password.

Symantec also support their customers in reducing the cost of products through coupons or promotional codes. Save this article and find the best solutions for protection and management of a large number of information for your computer right now.


Create domain easily with iPage

Create domain easily with iPage

Certainly, All people known the importance of a good Hosting will influence how to operate a website on the internet. Not only is the page loading speed, user-friendly interface, and good support, high-quality hosting will help you a lot in the security of our website.

Be selected from the world’s famous and prestigious hosting provider and evaluated based on criteria such as price, customer service, reliability and the overall experience of the user for Web Hosting providers, iPage Hosting has become outstanding providers of hosting the world in 2013. iPage is known as one of the leading domain registrars, and your personal domain name provides potential customers with the ability to find quickly and easily you on the web and whenever you want to create a basic homepage or a fully-functional online store for your business, iPage has everything that you require to build your web presence

As someone who has been using iPage, I recognize the full worth of iPage because it include not only fast page loading speed, uptime 99.99% but also support full cPanel as other vendors. IPage hosting price is quite soft. They only offer one unlimited hosting package and listing price is $ 8.49 however iPage’s price often at the price of promotion was $ 1.89 and $ 1 on the weekends. If you buy a hosting on promotion day with $ 1, you just need an extra $ 24 with one high-quality hosting package in 2 year with free domain name.

Besides, I’ve really appreciated the ability of iPage support when I run into problems with the install to add one WordPress blog parallel with the host that has installed another blog before. Due to not know how to dividing File Manage folders that I was installed the second blog overlap the first blog, so all data is lost. (To avoid facing that case you can reference to how to install WordPress on iPage that has on many sites.)

That night, in all night without sleep, I was impressed when chat window opened up. I has just finished writing my name; they asked to help me. After I’ve provided fully information about the error and answer security questions, they started to restore data without have any complain, also speak  very polite. Following the 10 minutes they asked me to install a blog on any domain I want and told me back after 2 hours. After just 1 hour get back in impatiently, I saw my blog was restored and received information about changes and login information by emailI. I have really seen the necessity of purchase host provided live chat.

Create a private domain name for your site with iPage coupons and promotional codes from to get more incentives. In addition, iPage also commit to refund immediately when you are not satisfied with their hosting service without need any manipulation. They will delete your hosting account and refund the money for you, so, needless to say, you will complete peace of mind with experience at iPage hosting.

Is Castaway Film or FedEx?

Is Castaway Film or FedEx?

The development of the market-oriented economy has promoted demand for securing the time of delivery as well as flow of information and goods more accurately and quickly. To meet the objective needs, courier company whether large or small, domestic or international courier also open express delivery services.

Nowadays, needless to say, if you just do your job well, the company could not survive. If you want to succeed in the competitive global market increasingly fierce, they have done their job perfectly. Customers have a lot of supplies available to meet the needs of international express delivery like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and more which are known as the professional international couriers with long experience and strong financial capacity, modern equipment and facilities. So, why did FedEx obtain the trust of customers and used so long then ???

As a world leading shipping brand with worth of billions of dollar and have more than 5 million shipments shipped each day. Like as”Hoover”, a little out brands that its name have used synonymous with a verb, the “FedEx” word means deliveries all night same too in that way.

This brand name has become synonymous with the services which it provides, in part because of the long list of the “first” of it.

FedEx was the first transportation company has: receive deliveries all night; delivery with guaranteed hours in next day; delivery on Saturday, too; Providing services to determine the time for shipping the item; Fedex Landing.

Thanks to these first thing in 1983, FedEx became the first US company in history to reach milestones worth a billion dollars in less than a decade of operation, without receiving more or merger with any other company.

The brand values like as credibility and punctuality of FedEx has become so famous that been the subject of a film.

In the famous movie in 2001 of Robert Zemeckis, the Castaway film (Survivor), actor Tom Hanks plays a FedEx employee is governed entirely by the accuracy of the hours before the plane abandoned him on a deserted island.

Today, FedEx is the perfect brand for speed era in which we live. Currently, the brand is serving almost American public and millions of customers around the world.

FedEx brand has been widely known, confirmed its position as the world’s largest courier company. FedEx Express delivery service guarantees delivery of goods quickly and reliably.

FedEx can freight to any address throughout the US and over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Additionally, FedEx also use air transport network flexibility combined with ground transport service, to push speed of delivery.

Flip through the FedEx coupons and promotion codes to keep more money for other services.