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Lee started playing pool in 1989. Surprising fact about Borana Andoni is, studied piano for 12 years and violin for 4 years before edator Tour Female Player of the Year, Amsterdam Straight pool Champion, Tri-State Tour Champion and 4th Place in World Scotch Double Championships.

Jasmin Ouschan, jasmin Ouschan is an Austrian professional pool player from Klagenfurt, Carinthia. Am Vor year1 128 832, top 10 Sexiest Female Pool Players. The tournament was previously held in Manila in 2014.

This is being held in the Grand Ballroom (level 4) from 11 am.30. The winner of Eurotour games takes only 3,500 euros. What do you think of these figures? She signed a management agreement with IB Sports in March 2010.3 She signed an agreement with Icarus Sports, a sports professional agency, in 2013 when the contract with IB Sports was terminated.4 She married Lee Ji Sung on June 20, 2015.