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The first documented indoor football games were those played at the. New Jersey modified star John Blewett III died happy. Houston coach John Jenkins was known for leaving his starters in to pad their stats during blowout games but against SMU he did not. In cases where the score is lopsided much earlier in the game, the most common option is to just "play it out" as if it were a scrimmage, by trying to take the best shot possible and also attempt.

"Texas Tech Red Raiders. "BU zone tenderizes Wichita". After 47 years, it is time to grant more than two transfers from the. This is usually referred to as " garbage time and while generally frowned upon for a lack of excitement it is considered to be the best way of ending a thoroughly uncompetitive game with minimal amounts of pride lost by the weaker side.

The most remarkable development in Arena football, other than the AFL signing a major network television broadcasting contract with NBC, was the development of the official Arena minor league, af2, beginning in 2000. In his ESS debut, Jones finished fifth from row seven at Brockville followed by an eighth-place at Cornwall.