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Would love to find an experienced mentor to help me learn the finer points of sailing a larger yacht. Have taken ASA 101,103, and 104 courses.

I have over a year of experience sailing in the bay on keel boats and catamarans. Saddiq Bey is fouled on a 3-pointer and the ensuing free throw gives Villanova a lead by 1 over La Salle.

It is based in the western part of Fiji where we are responsible for daily transfers of guests from the mainland to their island destinations. Name: Ellery Sever Phone: (949) Email: Crew Type: Racing Position(s Pit, Jib Trim, Spin Trim Experience: Advanced Details: I have done many years of dinghy racing as well as keelboat racing and sailing coaching, on Keelboats have. Sailing classes: Basic keelboating (ASA101 Coastal cruising (ASA103 Bareboat Cruising (ASA104 Cruising Catamaran (ASA114). If you're lookin' for a couple extra hands and friendly faces, or are open to carrying passengers - can pay a reasonable fee - email us at Thanks!