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RTV Utrecht (Dutch) RTV Utrecht is the Television broadcaster for the province and the city of Utrecht. Those broadcasting in English usually target an international audience as well. 7 The first trials with high-definition television in the Netherlands began in 2006 with the broadcast of the 2006 World Cup. The demand for HD was low because no Dutch network had made the move to HD, already broadcasting in widescreen and the quality of the standard-definition PAL signal was good enough for most people.

It shows the best of Dutch and Flemish public television, specifically for Dutch and Flemish viewers abroad. RTV Dordrecht (Dutch) RTV Dordrecht is a local TV channel from the city of Dordrecht. In the 1930s there were already experiments though. Salto A2 is broadcasting programs for ethnic and cultural groups, the younger ones, experimental arts and religion.

11 12 Eurosport 4K launched in the Netherlands on 13 NPO 1 launched its first trials with ultra-high-definition television through KPN, CanalDigitaal and some minor networks on, using the HLG-standard. The channel is part of RTV (Radio TeleVisie) Utrecht, the public broadcaster for the province of Utrecht. A E Networks Benelux.V.