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Linberg Eva Billah, noral Bill, rita Begay. An arrowhead, emblematic of Sa-wa-ni-kia, or the medicine of war, on the back or side of either of these animals prevented a warrior from being taken by surprise by his enemy, and an arrowhead on the belly. Each one of these regions contains an order of all the guardian animals, but the guardian and master of a particular region is the elder brother to all animals of that region. Other materials used are travertine or Zuni rock, fishrock, jasper, pipestone, marble, or organic items such as fossilized ivory, bone, and deer or elk antler.

Zuni Fetish Gallery is an online gallery offering over 1000 Zuni Navajo Hand Carved Native American fetishes. The most common question has been "Do you have a website?"  Now authentic Zuni, Hopi, Santo Domingo and Navajo jewelry and crafts are available at reasonable prices. .

The enigma, or apparent paradox relevant to Zuni belief and realism in art is resolved in the notion that carvings for sale and collection are produced without religious intent. A fetish is a Native American Indian carving of an animal or a revered God believed to have special power.