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This photo shows the three crew hatches open World records edit The B-58 set 19 world speed records, including coast-to-coast records, and the longest supersonic flight in history. Andrews AFB, Maryland: Air Force Historical Foundation, 1975.

London: Ian Allan Ltd., 1973,. . Widmer, Designer of Military Aircraft, Dies." The New York Times, "B-58's Sonic Boom Rattles Kentuckians." Chicago Daily Tribune, 19 December 1961.

Height: 31 feet, 5 inches (9.58 m). The B-58 Hustler entered service about 1960, and served 10 years. Org (456th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Seymour Johnson Air Field North Carolina. This holy grail of bombers, the B-70, would fly higher than what Soviet missiles could reach, and faster than any Soviet fighter.