Telecom world

Nowadays, whenever it was necessary to find information about a product, service or a potential partner, the first common measures are thought to be Internet and search tools as well. Along with the development of society, the demand for data and data transmissions increased exponentially. The telecommunications sector regarded as the industry that put everyone’s knowledge to every person and vice versa. In parallel with the development, it is considered as the fastest growing industry and have the world’s largest number of employees.

It is said that the telecom sector has changed the face of the Earth, help realization interoperability of each person, each nation and link each other by one invisible telecommunications network across the Earth and the universe.

The telecommunication industry is constantly evolving to satisfy the convergence (or unity) of the type of data communication services like telephone, television (broadcast TV and TV on demand), broadband services. So, the information technology sector has a big step forward, types of services are more diversity and more cheaply. You can make calls via the Internet, view pictures of friends around the world, sharing data sources or transactions at great distances.

According to information recently published by Forbes Magazine, which published a list of Global 2000, a collection of the biggest companies, the most powerful of planet based on sales, profits, assets, and values market. The telecommunication carriers continue to be a formidable force in the list because the world is a better connection.

By setting up partnerships with Apple, China Mobile has quickly become the world’s largest telecommunications companies in the number of subscribers by the end of May, 2015. In the first five months of 2015, the number of subscribers reached more than 584 million people and revenue reaching 104.1 billion.

Just as China Mobile, Verizon also chose a powerful and influential strategic partners as LG to expand the market and boost sales. The company’s revenue at the same time as China Mobile was $127.1 billion

When it comes to telecommunications, have to mention the AT & T Inc, which has significantly contributed to the US economy. In 2012, AT & T is the seventh largest company of contribution to USA’s GDP and is one of the USA’s largest non-oil company (following Apple Inc, Walmart, General Electric and Bank of America). According to the Fobes’s ranking in 2015, the company’s revenue was $132.4 billion.

In the telecommunication environment of rapid development in the last time, the position of the telecommunications company change is not surprising. The issue of concern is the improvement of service quality, provide useful services beyond calling and messaging.

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