A Reward for the music faithful

The most famous product of Sony – namely Walkman – was launched in 1979. Initially, it is regarded as a ” cassette player have headphone mobility ”. Walkman has created roving entertainment concept. But, when the product is launched, Walkman encountered fierce reaction by retailers. They think there is no place for the series cassette without recording function. Not as they think, after two years on the market, Sony has sold 1.5 million Walkman.

Today, Sony’s catalog with over 5,000 products including DVD players, cameras, PCs, TV, stereo equipment, semiconductor devices and they are set into the category with famous brand as the Walkman personal music player, Trinitron TV, Vaio computers, Wega widescreen TV, Handycam camcorders, Cybershot digital camera and the PlayStation game.

Four years ago, on 5th September 2009, Sony has officially introduced Walkman X series – the flagship series with unique design style and bring many of the most impressive of Sony’s Walkman series so far. Contemporaries, the Sony Walkman X was given birth to cope with the task Apple iPod Touch product line – PMP (Portable Media Player) is storming on the market at that time.

With owning a completely new design have not been seen, the Walkman X quickly get a lot of attention from the tech community. Design for chassis is made entirely from aluminum alloy and is coated with a special grained rock with very high durability. With quality glass materials in both the two sides of the machine used for, needless to say, you will recognize immediately the familiar design on the Xperia Z Ultra launched in early 2013. Trust me, just hold it up on hand once you will immediately feel a sense of reliability, but not least unique and luxury and like.no.other.

Like I said, the Walkman X converge almost advanced technology of Sony. So it does what? Perhaps just after 10s for Google tools you can easily search basic specifications of Walkman X such as 3″ screen, S-Master, non-OS, supported WiFi, even have the Browser and can watch Youtube – albeit in “present” with 16GB or 32GB storage capacity. Regardless, These features was appeared on a PMP was born in 2009. It can be considered as state-of-the -art technology product.

At that time, the OLED is a concept that rarely mentioned. It is too expensive and unfamiliar with mobile devices. But Sony is the pioneer of bringing these technology into Walkman X, at 2009, Walkman X became one of the first OLED  display equipped devices with capacitive touchscreen on the world market.

In addition, Walkman X also lead by many much features for the best like X is the first Walkman model used the touch screen; X is the model marking the first appearance of S-Master; especially, X is Walkman model with touchscreen has the longest battery life in Walkman history and much more ever.

With the fast development of science today, as technology is changing day by day, the old model will gradually go cooled off and give way for newer and more modern models. During its lifetime, the Walkman X stays on the scarcely shelves of Sony Center more than one year before being classified as discontinued product and be replaced by the Walkman A, Z or F series.

But Walkman X has always had attracted vitality for Walkman lovers and have high demands on sound quality. Even, until this time when I wrote this article, X series is still pretty much hunting and become a rare item for someone lucky to be owner. Walkman X represents a golden age of technological power and relentless creativity of Sony, is one of the most prized of the Sony Walkman, which each fanboy should try to hold it once.

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