Looking like a girl

Beauty care demand is increasingly attaches great importance as a springboard to the methods of medical care also pay attention not less.

Sunset Tower Hotel – namely a new hotel owned by Jeff Klein at West Hollywood has launched a new form of service: Breakfast is not simply some pie, but also attached a  Restylane cylinder – products used for subcutaneous injection to stretch and smooth. But in the future, this type of service will soon be widely available, and we do not need to look to the luxury hotel to enjoy the crowning achievement in the “science of beauty”. With the development of the period known as the “spa treatment”, a series of stylish skyscrapers in New York City with the cosmetic surgeon and the most advanced beauty technology will rise in the coming years.

Beautiful and healthy thanks to Science

Exercise sessions with a trainer or Yoga? That is what belongs to the last century. Now the trend is that people will closely monitor changes in your body – blood pressure, pulse, weight by day, by week. Women can use a shirt “bra-sport” to check heart rhythm. Or Nike Air Zoom shoes with “magic eye” is located in the heel will constantly inform how far you’ve run, your speed, and you’ve burned how much energy to your ear  through iPod by a smooth female voice.

If your shoes for practice qualified as a “cellular trainer” still not afford to inspires practice hard from you, you can use the mobile phone as an obnoxious coach that hard to leave.

In last year October, Verizon Wireless has partnered with Bones in Motion company to launch a software application to be used as a GPS device to track speed, distance, energy consumption, and footsteps and running track of users.

Although there are still many contradictory opinions that it can not be reformed your body shape unless you choice appropriate sports. CyGene Laboratories will help you to do this, it is a company specialized in copying genes in Florida, will conduct analyzes DNA from your saliva-contained swab to suggest sports that appropriate for you. If you choose the appropriate sports, it not only brings the best results in physiologic but you can also prolong exercise time voluntarily to achieve lasting results.

While scientific research exercises in accordance AND deemed not absolutely accurate, the researchers still have to admit that access to reality is huge. In coming years, the results of genetic studies will cleared all doubts, mistrust of us at this time – not only help researchers predict the impact process, but also can improve your discretion.

Weight loss solutions

Who forced to reach the destination in weight loss which up to tens of kilograms almost meet the beauty salon. If not, you have taken a course to lose weight for a few months at the center for diet and exercise. While those who remain hard reading merely or use the fat-burning drugs or diet at home, the results are still very far away.

Almost the whole monumental pharmaceutical manufacturers are in a race to the finish under fastest way with solutions for weight loss pills. At this time, the idea of the researchers will focus on specific types of hormone, as cholecystokinin, a hormone in the gut can control the appetite, or ghrelin, a hormone in stomach that affects the ability to receive food. So, we will control the hunger and amount of food into our bodies.

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