Is Castaway Film or FedEx?

Is Castaway Film or FedEx?

The development of the market-oriented economy has promoted demand for securing the time of delivery as well as flow of information and goods more accurately and quickly. To meet the objective needs, courier company whether large or small, domestic or international courier also open express delivery services.

Nowadays, needless to say, if you just do your job well, the company could not survive. If you want to succeed in the competitive global market increasingly fierce, they have done their job perfectly. Customers have a lot of supplies available to meet the needs of international express delivery like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and more which are known as the professional international couriers with long experience and strong financial capacity, modern equipment and facilities. So, why did FedEx obtain the trust of customers and used so long then ???

As a world leading shipping brand with worth of billions of dollar and have more than 5 million shipments shipped each day. Like as”Hoover”, a little out brands that its name have used synonymous with a verb, the “FedEx” word means deliveries all night same too in that way.

This brand name has become synonymous with the services which it provides, in part because of the long list of the “first” of it.

FedEx was the first transportation company has: receive deliveries all night; delivery with guaranteed hours in next day; delivery on Saturday, too; Providing services to determine the time for shipping the item; Fedex Landing.

Thanks to these first thing in 1983, FedEx became the first US company in history to reach milestones worth a billion dollars in less than a decade of operation, without receiving more or merger with any other company.

The brand values like as credibility and punctuality of FedEx has become so famous that been the subject of a film.

In the famous movie in 2001 of Robert Zemeckis, the Castaway film (Survivor), actor Tom Hanks plays a FedEx employee is governed entirely by the accuracy of the hours before the plane abandoned him on a deserted island.

Today, FedEx is the perfect brand for speed era in which we live. Currently, the brand is serving almost American public and millions of customers around the world.

FedEx brand has been widely known, confirmed its position as the world’s largest courier company. FedEx Express delivery service guarantees delivery of goods quickly and reliably.

FedEx can freight to any address throughout the US and over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Additionally, FedEx also use air transport network flexibility combined with ground transport service, to push speed of delivery.

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